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High speed
Transmission protocol optimization
Adaptive TCP proxy and HTP transmission protocol in high-latency, high-packet-loss network environments
Byte-caching technology
Supports multi-disk, bi-directional and fragment-packet acceleration
Application proxy
Supports proxy for TCP, CIFS, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, POP3/SMTP and MAPI protocols; supports acceleration of Web, HTTPS, FTP, Network Neighborhood, Lotus Notes, Exchange, SAP(B/S), SharePoint, Oracle Database and other applications
compression algorithm
Provides hardware-based GZIP and LZO high-speed stream compression algorithm
WebPush technologies
Via WebPush function, conducts intelligent analysis of HTML request pages, to self-define settings for pre-fetching cache elements, and to improve Web application's accessing speed
Flash link technology (improve data transmission speed) and addresses effects of high-packet-loss
Intelligent QoS function
Sets QoS policy based on application, direction, source address, destination address and effective time, and supports QoS allocation based on lines
Bandwidth management
Integrated with SANGFOR IAM bandwidth management feature: application identification, traffic shaping, etc.
Tunnel encryption
Built-in AES 128-bit encryption algorithm; enhance other encryption algorithms, guaranteeing data security
Data integrity
Uses MD5 and SHA algorithms to guarantee data integrity
Online access authorization Enterprise level firewall
Built-in Stateful Packet Inspection enterprise-level firewall provides packet filtering, URL filtering, access monitoring, DHCP services and other security functions
External and internal DOS attack resistance
Effectively prevents internal and external and internal DOS attack
 VPN module
Built-in IPSec VPN module
Portable Accelerator
Supports acceleration effects via installation of PACC software on client PCs
Supports hardware Bypass (Optional for low-end equipment)
Supports SNMP, the standard network administration protocol; Configuration wizards speed up user deployment; Auto identification of protocols based on contents, simplifying application acceleration configuration
Management authorization
In case that organizations may have multi-lines that connecting to the Internet, the IAM's multi-lines and intelligent routing feature will allocate the best output for users automatically when Intranet users are visiting the resources of different ISP operators. To guarantee stability, IAM can also lead the traffic to the other healthy lines automatically when one line is interrupted;Functionality managed via various levels of access privileges, including Administrators and Users
Logging and reporting
Provides visibility into a wide range of system information, including logs for alarms, errors and debugging. Allows use of stand-alone log servers, examination of real-time and historical traffic, analysis of accelerated and non-accelerated traffic and sessions, and report generation and export
Backup function
Data resilience via local and remote backup and recovery; Logs are backed up as files
Transparent acceleration
Restoring the original connection information after acceleration
Easy deployment
Supports import of WCCP V2 traffic, supports import of strategy routing PBR traffics, support CDP, and supports import of four-layer switch traffic; Default two directions acceleration on the whole network segment