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Leading technology
SANGFOR WAN optimization greatly benefits the performance of Web, HTTPS, FTP, Network Neighborhood, Lotus Notes, Exchange, MS SQL, ERP, CRM and other business applications. Regardless of the physical location of branches and business partners, WAN optimization accelerates their important data and applications for a LAN-like experience across even a worldwide WAN
Low quality communications environments are accelerated the most
Poor quality environments benefit the most with SANGFOR WAN optimization. Such environments are typically poor quality physical links, with high packet loss and high latency. They include satellite links, transnational links, and inter-operator connections. Certain applications (such as MS Exchange) will also greatly benefit from WAN optimization, which compensates for the applications’ original design to be used on LANs and not WANs.
High ROI
SANGFOR WAN optimization provides more scalable whole-network acceleration solutions with reasonable price. In addition to acceleration of existing lines, SANGFOR WAN optimization delivers an accelerated VPN infrastructure to connect remote users and sites with flexible and diversified accelerated connectivity by virtue of its built-in VPN service. For small branch sites, its software client can help reduce costs by providing accelerated connectivity via low-cost broadband solutions (instead of expensive leased lines).