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Single Sign-On
* Utilizes Java script-based encryption of username and password to provide Web Single Sign-On (SSO) convenience and ensure security throughout the connection session
* Permits users to specify (and modify) individual SSO usernames and passwords for specific resources
Multi-method Hybrid Authentication
Users can be authenticated via any ("and/or") combination of local address database, LDAP/Active Directory and RADIUS 3rd-party authentication with hardware methods such as USBKey, dynamic token, and SMS-based authentication.
•  Up to 253 sites can be clustered
•  Clustering function can operate under either the Router Deployment or One Arm modes
•  Email alarm function
Multi-line binding
Automatic binding of multiple lines under the One Arm mode to increase bandwidth and further accelerate user access
Customizable Web pages
•  Web pages can be completely customized (over the default gateway page), including the upload of single or multiple files, ZIP archives, and resetting to the default pages.
•  Default service page can be automatically skipped, and user resource application page loaded, after successful authentication (bypassing the display of the resource list). This function can be combined with Single Sign-On and configured for users or user groups.