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Entire security

Static and dynamic package filtering.

Inspection on well-known protocols of FTP, HTTP, SMTP, RTSP, H.323 (Q.931, H.245, RTP/RTCP), SQLNET, NMS, PPTP, TCP, UDP…

Protection against attacks of Land, Smurf, Fraggle, WinNuke, Ping of Death, Tear Drop, IP spoofing, SYN/ICMP/UDP flood, HTTP GET flood, DNS query flood, ARP cheating, ICMP redirection, static and dynamic black list, etc.
Intrusion Prevention

Scanning based on signature, protocol or applications.

Intelligent analysis of unknown threats with correlation analysis.

Up-to-date CVE Compatibility certificated IPS database of 3000+ signatures.

Server and terminal group signature database flexible for policy deployment.

Policy based IPS protection on source/destination IP and subnet.

Block worms, Trojans, spyware, scanning, DoS, DDoS, vulnerability exploits, buffer overflow attacks, abnormal protocol and attacks with evasive tactic employed.

Detailed log message and in-cloud threats analysis.

Stream-based anti-virus for HTTP, FTP, SMTP and POP3 protocols, etc.

Up-to-date anti-virus database with 300,000+ signatures updated manually or automatically.

Build-in SOPHOS anti-virus database and engine.
Web Application Security

Up-to-date application signature database of 2000+ web application threats.

Black list and exclusion list of URL.

Weak password protection for ftp and telnet, etc.

Protect web application against the top ten threats defined by OWASP, including SQL injection, XSS attack and CRSF, etc.

Server information invisibility for web server and ftp server, etc.

File uploading scanning and filtering based on signatures.

Build-in sensitive information signature database and support user-defined sensitive information, such as username, password, mailbox, ID and MD5 keys.

Prevent information leakage through HTTP connections.

Ensure high security for sensitive information of the database against leakage.
Risk Assess

Port and service scanning for certain IP and assess the security risk for the server or terminal.

Support weak password for FTP, MYSQL, ORACLE, MSSQL, SSH, RDP, NetBIOS and VNC services, etc.

Automatically generate the cross-module security policy for FW, IPS and WAF module to ensure the entire security.
Authentication & Visibility
User authentication

Mapping by IP, MAC, IP/MAC binding, hostname and USB-Key.

User account import from CSV file and LDAP Server.

Seamless integration with AD and LDAP.

Policy based SSO integration with AD domain, proxy, POP3 and WEB.
Application control

Identify applications based on application signatures database.

Support application based control policy.
URL filtering

On-disk URL database,Anti-proxy technology.

Support URL category and group based policy.
HW&SW Visibility

Real-time monitor on CPU, memory, disk, session, online users and network interface information.
BM Visibility

Bandwidth usage ranking by IPs, applications and users.
Security Visibility

Detailed real-time information on security issues for servers or terminals, including source/destination IP, attack category and URL, etc.
Networking and optimization

Gateway, Bridge, Bypass mode, virtual wire and mix mode.


Support policy routing, static routing, RIP v1/2 and OSPF.

Support application policy-based forwarding.

1:1 NAT, n:n NAT, m:n NAT, time based NAT policy.

Support NAT ALG, including DNS, FTP, H.323 and SIP, etc.
Build-in IPsec VPN

Built-in route-based IPsec VPN for secure, fast and cost-effective deployment of remote office network.
Bandwidth management

Support multiplexing and intelligent routing

Advanced P2P control.

Qos policy based on users, applications, IPs, file types, website types and schedules, etc.

Support Web GUI with SSL encryption; Support SNMP.

Support E-mail, MSM alarms on sign-in, virus, IPS, web attack and hardware issues.

Support graphical tools for trouble shooting

Support template configuration for easier maintenance
Risk Report

Support Web GUI with SSL encryption; Support SNMP.
Security Logs

Support E-mail, MSM alarms on sign-in, virus, IPS, web attack and hardware issues.

Support graphical tools for trouble shooting
Trend Report

Support template configuration for easier maintenance
Statistics Report

Support user defined statistics report based on IP, group, users, application in flexible report schedule
Report Format

Support XML, PDF format and automatically send to specified email list