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Next-Generation security for your business
SANGFOR Next-Generation Firewall is designed with application control, intrusion prevention and web security in mind to deliver excellent visibility over users, applications and contents. SANGFOR NGFW ensures the entire security from layer 2 to layer 7 at multi-gigabit speed and distinguishes itself from the traditional firewall, making it the ideal choice for customers.
- Entire application security protection
- Bidirectional content inspection
- Intelligent security defense system
- Application layer high performance
Definition of Next-Generation Firewall
Next Generation Firewall was defined by Gartner based on the requirements of customers, the deep understanding of security industry, and the vision of security market trends.
With more than 10 years of technology innovation, accumulated knowledge and experience of serving customers in the network security business, SANGFOR believes that NGFW should be characterized by following features:
Defending against Application Layer Attacks
As 75% of overall attacks or threats targeting on application layer, next generation firewalls should be capable with full stack visibility, able to identify and authenticate application layer protocols and contents, able to provide end-to-end solution to defend against network threats especially on application layer. Traditional security devices are vulnerable to the application layer threats due to the limitation of its network layer focus.
Traditional Firewall Capability
Although threats on application layer become prevailing, traditional threats on network layer should not be discounted, as they are still causing serious damages. NGFW provides traditional security functions such as Stateful FW, IPS, and VPN to ensure higher ROI and lower TCO for our customers in long-term.
Bidirectional Contents Inspection
Superior to traditional firewall that mainly focusing on inbound threats, NGFW consolidates security with bidirectional contents inspection function. Outbound dataflow responded by server are also monitored. Potential sensitive information leaks, webpage tampering, and other threats are detected and prevented.
Application Layer High Performance
Superior to traditional UTM devices whose performance degrades significantly in multi-functional mode, SANGFOR’s comprehensive approach provides the capability of 10G throughput with low latency in microseconds when working in multifunctional mode.