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SANGFOR Next-Generation Firewall is designed with Application Control, Intrusion Prevention and Web Security in mind, providing deep and fine-grained visibility over Users, Applications and Contents. SANGFOR NGFW ensures end-to-end security from layer 2 to layer 7 in multi-gigabit speed, in-bound and out-bound, and distinguishes itself from traditional firewalls, and makes it the ideal choice for customers in the business of service provider, enterprise, financial services, and public sectors.


Today’s network attacks are getting more sophisticated. Traditional firewalls are no longer effective to cope with ongoing and emerging threats.


As a platform of network security policies, SANGFOR NGFW enforces bidirectional security policy on users, applications, URLs, data payload and contents. Superior to traditional port and protocol based security policy, SANGFOR NGFW’s approach allows IT organization to better defend increasingly sophisticated network threats, to identify and block misuses of applications precisely and effectively.


SANGFOR NGFW is designed to defend attacks end-to-end from layer 2 to layer 7 with the focus on the application layer. The surging of application layer attacks are becoming growing concerns, and causing serious information leaks and infrastructure damages worldwide.


SANGFOR’s high scalable and extensible software and hardware architecture ensures high performance in application layer processing. Leveraging its innovative technology of Single-pass Analysis Algorithm and Multi-core Parallel Processing, SANGFOR NGFW delivers 10G throughput with low latency in microseconds when working in multifunctional protection mode.